Running water

Well it’s been nearly 8 months since my visit to Uganda…I can’t believe it’s been that long! 

Within that time I’ve had some broadcast interviews with local media, delivered talks to different community groups around the region to raise awareness of WaterAid and (and it’s a big ‘and’) signed up to my first ever Great North Run to raise some vital funds. 

I would like to make it absolutely clear here first of all though, that I am in no way or shape, a runner. 

In fact, to be quite truthful, until recently you’d be lucky to catch me doing anything more energetic than reaching for my cup of tea and chocolate. 

Certainly the last time I ever ran anywhere was after the ice cream van when I was a kid. Even then, you could be forgiven for thinking I copied my running style from Friends’ Phoebe on purpose. 

But visiting Uganda inspired me to buy those trainers, complete that registration and as Nike says, “just do it”!

So as it stands at the moment, I’ve got all the gear…but no idea. I’ve been out on a few ‘beginner’ runs and so far, three miles has been my furthest. I can genuinely say I am not looking forward to adding another 10.1 miles to the journey!!!

But I’m going to use my memories of the families I met in Uganda to motivate me to put one front in foot of the other because I know that by running the Great North Run in aid of WaterAid, with your help, I can save lives.

I’ll never forget Grace and Augustin that I met in Bobul village who’d had their lives completely transformed by WaterAid and I’ll be thinking of their granddaughter Jane (pictured) with every step I take because I know we can help give her a future. 

I’ll make my way to that finish line, I know I will, it might not be in the best time and my beetroot face and sweaty top might not be the prettiest sight you’ll have ever seen but I can guarantee it will all be worth it! 

So PLEASE help me give those families access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation!

Thank you!  



2 thoughts on “Running water”

  1. Hi janine, good luck with your run, your email made me laugh! I’ve donated £5.00, sorry it can’t be more but I know you’ll do great and hopefully raise lots of money, love from jill (Argos), yes im still there!!!

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    1. Hi Jill, it’s fab to hear from you! I’m glad you liked my blog and thank you SO MUCH for your donation! It really means a lot and will definitely help! Now I just need to start my training properly! Eek!xx


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