Wat’er great adventure

Well, that’s my amazing Ugandan WaterAid adventure over.

And to celebrate my return to my comfortable, dust-free (desert-dust free anyway!), brick-built home this morning, I had a nice hot shower and a cup of tea…and realised just how much I take it all for granted.

I didn’t walk 3km in blistering heat for the water for my tea and I’m not risking my life by drinking it.

I’m also no longer feeling bogged down by the thought of using a latrine!

Before we left Kampala last night, we spent our last day reflecting on our highs and lows (something I’ll write about in my next blog) and visited a craft market.

This trip has been amazing – I’ve really got to understand the great work that WaterAid does, I’ve seen the massive impact first-hand and I’ve met some interesting and inspiring people (including the group of supporters I shared the experience with!)

I’m really looking forward to telling everyone about my time in Uganda and raising awareness of the work WaterAid still face if they’re to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water by 2030.

For me now though, it’s some good old fashioned English food (no more goat meat) and a much-needed early night!


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