Are we Niley there yet?!

Our very long journey back to Kampala from Soroti today was broken up by a special treat.

We stopped off along the River Nile to become a tourist for the first time here in Uganda and had a boat ride to the source!

As we sailed up the Nile, we saw lots of beautiful birds and even Velvet monkeys.

The boat stopped at a little man-made island just before the source marker stone, where we had to get off the boat, kick off our flip flops and get IN the Nile up to our ankles to get to it. It was exciting and quite a funny experience, everyone struggling to wade in over the painful stones!

I should point out here that it’s not the same source that Top Gear raced to, or even the one that Joanna Lumley visited, but I’d be in denial (ha) if I didn’t say I’m proud of my trip to the Ugandan source, and who am I to argue where it is!

We’re visiting the slums tomorrow so I’m preparing myself to see some difficult things, but detaching myself from reality for a couple of hours today was such good fun!


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