“Water is life”

Those are the words of Augustin, a “50-something”-year-old family man I met today in Bobul village, who’s life was massively improved two years ago when he was given access to a supply of clean water.

Before then he used to walk 3km three times a day to collect water from a dirty pond which frequently made them ill and killed their livestock.

As we reached his beautiful home (his compound), his wife, Grace, rushed to greet us like royalty, singing the praises of WaterAid and gratitude for their help in creating a borehole in her community.

We helped her sweep the compound, smeared cow dung on her floor as a type of cement (yes, really) and collected her crops from her garden and then she kindly cooked for us.

At first, there was slight confusion with what we were about to eat however, over the pronunciation of cow ‘peas’ (or black eyed peas as we know them). I’m not sure that sweet potato and cows p**s would have gone down too well!

Aside from such a happy, positive atmosphere, the differences between this family today (post-WaterAid) and the family yesterday (pre-wateraid) were huge. They were educated, healthy, clean and even wealthier.

We then visited another school, although this one had access to water, and the children were happier, educated about hygiene and we even helped the girls to make cloth sanitary towels.

All these differences are huge and makes you realise just how much of an improvement WaterAid can make – an amazing sight to see!


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