Are we nearly there yet??

Is NOT what I was asking our driver today!

My sleep deprived eyes didn’t need any encouragement to stay open on our very long journey from Kampala to Soroti – I have never seen as much activity in my life!

Split up into an entourage of seven land-rovers, I spent the six hours in ours craning my neck from left to right, in front and behind, trying my hardest to take everything I was seeing in.

Sadly the wifi won’t let me upload my pictures but if you can imagine colour, and lots of it! People everywhere, traffic everywhere, horns beeping, red dust, village after village – some poorer than others, lots of children, sugar cane, orange trees…the list is endless!

The reason for our WaterAid trip to Uganda also became very clear, with the amount of young girls we saw carrying yellow jerry cans of water on their heads.

We’re heading off to our first village tomorrow morning to meet others just like the girls we saw today, a village pre-WaterAid intervention. It’s a 5:30am start though and it’s already almost 10pm here so I think I should end this blog here, tuck my mosquito net into my bed and get some much needed rest!


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