An enlightening experience already

This trip is all about clean water and safe sanitation but I’ve already discovered something else we take for granted. Lights.

So we eventually touched down in Entebbe airport late last night and excitedly made our way to the minibus waiting for us before setting off for our hotel.

Fifteen minutes later and a few miles down the road it suddenly became apparent that we were driving without any headlights!

We quickly pulled over to a dimly-lit, closed cafe so the driver could take a better look at the problem. It was while parked there, in the dark, that I got my first taste for Uganda as I noticed the cafĂ©’s security guard lurking in the shadows watching us…with a huge rifle slung over his shoulder!

About half an hour later and still no headlights, we bit the bullet (metaphorically) and drove very carefully a few yards ahead to a brightly lit garage where we could safely wait for a new fleet of vehicles to come and rescue us!

We finally arrived at the hotel about two hours later which was clean, safe and actually very nice. Something I will probably feel guilty about as we continue our journey over the next few days.

Despite the comfort of the hotel I only managed about three hours sleep. Zzzzz.

Anyway, in the bright light of the morning, we’re all very excited to continue our journey and begin it with a 6 hour drive to Soroti today. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!


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