Pillow talk

Here I am, finally at the Premier Inn Heathrow Airport on the eve of my WaterAid supporters trip, and I’m amazed to find myself perusing a pillow menu.

Yes, an actual pillow menu! Who needs The Ritz when Premier Inn are offering me an extensive choice of pillows, tea and biscuits and a turndown service?! (Well, that last bit I made up but you get the idea).

I have no doubt that this will be a world away from what I’ll be experiencing in Uganda over the next eight days, where 24 million people don’t even have access to a toilet, let alone a choice of perfectly fluffed pillows.

My case is at the end of my bed and despite already being 280 miles away from home, I’m resisting the urge to open it and check for the 100th time that I’ve got everything (including enough medical supplies to stock a small chemist). If I can just restrain myself from doing that…then I think I’m all set for Uganda!

We leave first thing in the morning and in a little over 24 hours I’ll be arriving in Kampala, preparing to see some shocking and amazing sights, and meet some inspirational people who have had their lives transformed by the work of WaterAid.

It’s beginning to feel very real and I’m equally excited and nervous. I’ve got Lenny Henry grinning at me from my bedside cabinet, promising me “a good nights sleep guaranteed!”

With just a few hours to go, I think I could probably make my way through every single pillow on the menu tonight, but on this occasion I’m not sure even Lenny will be able to keep his word – I’m too excited to sleep!


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